About me

Full-stack web developer and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner who graduated from CodeUp's full stack web development program in January of 2023. I am always studying new technologies and trying to learn in everything that I do. I am also an amateur mixed martial artist currently training with FortisMMA, located in Dallas, Texas.



That ECommerce Store

ThatECommerceStore is an online store where users can log in or sign up, add items to a cart, make purchases (add it to a database), and then view those previous orders later. The front end of this application was built using HTML, CSS, and React.js. The backend server consists of a REST API that has been built using java and the Spring Boot framework. The API connects to a MySQL database. The entire project is hosted on an EC2 Instance on Amazon Web Services.


Weather map Project

The weather map project is a front-end app that lets people check the weather anywhere in the United States in real time. Users can place a marker down anywhere on the map and the weather data will be displayed as well as the corresponding city and country. The front end of this application was built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It also uses AJAX requests to access the OpenWeathermapAPI. This has also been deployed on an EC2 Instance.